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Samhain 2000 Initiation Ritual and Naming Ceremony

The initiation rite should be symbolic of death and rebirth. the old life is over, the new has just begun. Initiation also involves a pledge or an offering to the Goddess and God, a consecration, and the taking of a magickal name. The name is seen as an outward symbol of your devotion to witchcraft. It is an integral part of the process of rebirth into the religion. A magickal name may also assist you in altering the conscious mind in preparation for ritual, acting as a trigger for both rites and meditation and astral projection. Once a magickal name is decided upon in the ritual, always use it, in prayer, rituals, and all astral travels. Write it on your magickal tools and in your Book of Shadows. The initiation rite may also include instruction in technique or new experiences viewed during meditation, as well as contemplation and admittance into the Wiccan mysteries.  This Rite, as written, is meant to be performed by a solitary.   Portions of this Rite were gleaned from the book "The Wiccan Path" by Rae Beth.

A note about your magickal name:  This is a name sacred between you and to the Goddess.  It should not be shared with anyone except for another, trusted witch or your coveners.

Overview of Rite

- Ritual cleansing
- Laying of the altar
- Casting the circle
    - Cone of Power
    - Invocation of Guardian Spirits/Elementals
    - Invocation of Goddess and God
- Offering to Elementals and Deities
- Symbolic death and rebirth
- Pledge/Offering of yourself to the Goddess and God and the Craft
    - Dedication
    - Prayer/contemplation/meditation
- Consecration
- Communion
- Final toast and praise to the Goddess and God, Elementals, and Old Ones
- Closing the circle and ending of the Rite
    - Grounding of raised energy
    - Write visions or impressions in Book of Shadows
    - Go directly to bed, dreams may be prophetic


Detail of Rite (Order and Incantations)

- Ritual bath of salt and sage by candle light
    - feel the purifying properties of the sage
    - feel the grounding energies of the salt
    - remain quiet and meditative throughout, visualizing you goals in the coming rite
    - remain in the tub as the water is draining, feeling it take away all negative energies and thoughts, truly purfying you
    - dry, but do not dress, a blanket or other loose covering is okay for warmth
- The laying of the Ritual Altar and Sacred Space
    - Lay the altar with the following tools:
        - dish of salt of Earth, or a pentacle (these represent Earth, and should be placed on the North side of your altar)
        - ritual inscense (purifying or frankincense) (this represents Air and should be placed on the East side of your altar)
        - candle (this represents Fire, should be at the Southernmost point of your altar)
        - chalice or cup of water (representative of Water, located at the Westernmost point of your altar)
        - athame or wand (represents Spirit)
        - two candles (representing the Goddess and God, placed one on each side of your Earth/North point)
        - cauldron
        - small dish of essential oil or vegetable oil
        - wine and cakes or cookies
    - Prepare to cast the circle (skyclad, nude)
- Casting of the Circle and Invocation of the Guardians and Goddess and God for the Rite
    - Visualize the Cone of Power, silvery white light coming down from the Goddess and into you through the crown chakra, then out through your feet into Mother Earth
    - Use this light, directed through your wand or athame, to cast a circle around yourself and your ritual space. Visualize this circle as having half of the dome above you and half below you, fully protecting you and enclosing you in the white light of the Goddess.
    - Invoke the Elementals, or Guardian Spirits, from each of the four directions using their corresponding representative from your altar. Take each deosil (clockwise) around the circle, halting at its elements corresponding quarter directional to ask the Spirits to assist and preside over your Rite.
        Ex: "Hail, Guardians of the East (South, West, North), Guardians of Air and intellect (Fire and creativity; Water and intuition; Earth and fertility), bless this circle and this Rite to honor the Triple Goddess and the Horned God, preside over the magick made herein. Blessed be!"
    - Feel the Elemental's energy and presence adding light to the circle, to the Cone of Power flowing into you through your crown chakra.
    - Light the candles representing the Goddess and God
    - Invoke the Triple Goddess and the Horned God to preside over your Rite and dedication.
        Ex: "Hail, Lady! Hail, Lord! Hail, Great Triple Goddess! Hail, Great Horned God! (You can insert a tradition specific name, or if you have a patron Goddess/God, they may also be invoked by name). Bless this Rite in honor of you and preside over the magick made herein. Blessed be!"
- Commencement of the Initiation Rite
    - Present an offering of yourself to the Goddess and God and the Elementals
        - Cut off a small lock of your hair.
        - Hold the lock up, saying:
            Ex: "I ask the Guardian Spirits to bear witness as I know offer myself to the Triple Goddess of the Circle of Rebirth and the Great Horned God as witch and priestess."
        - Carry the hair deosil (clockwise) around the circle, holding it up at each quarter directional and then high above your altar in offering.
            Ex: "By this token, I am theirs."
    - Symbolic death and subsequent rebirth   
        - Go deosil (clockwise) to the West quarter. Sit with your eyes closed and ask for guidance as you walk the sacred path.
            Ex: "Great Ones, I ask for your wisdom and guidance as I begin my sacred journey upon this path. Guide my steps and steer me true."
        - Visualize yourself walking a path. It leads through a woodland which is overgrown and flanked by wildflowers, oak, ash and hawthorn trees. As you walk, it begins to slope downhill, bottoming out at the mouth of a dark cave. You enter the cave. There is a candle dimly illuminating the inside, which you discover is clean and free of debris. At the rear of the cave, you see a pool filled by a bubbling natural spring. Water flows from the pool and out the entrance to the cave in the form of a small stream. The bottom of the pool is covered with sand and smoothes stones. You remove your astral clothing and get into the pool. Let the flowing water wash away doubt. Let it carry away all ties and bonds to your old life. Think about the meaning of being a witch, what it means to you and your purpose there. YOU MAY RECEIVE VISIONS OR DIVINE GUIDANCE. Leave the cave and the spring. Outside the cave entrance, you may find clothes that are symbolic of your new role as witch and priestess. You might also find a piece of jewelry or other item that are representative of something as well. Put them on and divine their meaning before continuing down the path. You will soon come to a great tree. Place your arms around the trunk and lean your forehead against the bark. Sense the sap, feel the bark, commune. Know that you are different expressions of the same energy. Sense the tree's spirit--it may tell you something you need to know. Thank the tree and walk away down the path. Once again, ask the Goddess and God to guide you from now on. Ask, also, the Guardian Spirits to assist you in your work as witch and priestess from now on.
        - Open your eyes. Do not get up too quickly. Remember any messages, visions, or impressions you receive.
    - Pledge and Offering of Initiant to Goddess and God
        - Go deosil (clockwise) to the East quarter and then spiral inward to the center of the circle and your cauldron.
        - Take from the cauldron the small bowl of oil and carry it back to the altar.
            Ex: "On this night, I pledge myself for all time to serve and celebrate the Triple Goddess and the Horned God, as witch and priestess. I set myself to walk this path from this time on. I name myself________(chosen Craft name here) and I call now upon the Guardian Spirits to witness my consecration."
        - Anoint yourself with oil, using the first two fingers of your Power hand, just above the pubic hairline (root chakra), between the breasts (heart chakra), on the forehead (Third Eye), and the crown of the head (crown chakra) saying"
            Ex: "Blessed be my body and my soul, my mind and my spirit."
        - Remain still for a few moments before saying:
            Ex: "I ask to be re-made as witch and priestess in perfect love and perfect trust an with the qualities of_______(paramount qualities you wish to possess here; i.e., "farsightedness, like the hawk," or "unconditional love")."
        - Remain silent with your eyes closed. Listen and "watch" for visions or music--but let them come naturally. Don't try to hear anything, listen.
        - Visit each of the four quarters, in turn, saying"
            Ex: "I, _______(Craft name here), ask acknowledgement from the Guardian Spirits of Air (Fire, Water, Earth), as a witch and priestess."
        - Return to the altar and kneel before it. Place on hand on the crown of your head and the other beneath your feet.
            Ex: "All between my hands belongs to the Goddess."
    - Consecration of Athame or Wand for Magickal Use
        - Pass your wand or athame through (or touch to) each physical representation of the elements on your altar and say:
            Ex: "I bless, consecrate and set apart this wand/athame, by the power of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth and in the name of the Triple Goddess of the Circle of Rebirth, and of the Great Horned God, Lord of Death, Who is Lord of Life. May it serve me well for magickal use, a true and sacred implement of Witchcraft."
        - Direct energy from the Cone of Power into and through the wand/athame and say:
            Ex: "Mote it be!"
- End of Ritual Initiation and Communion
    - Communion with the Goddess and God
        - Quietly sit, mediating upon the events of the rite while having your communion of cakes and wine.
        - Make a final toast to the Goddess and God, the Guardian Spirits. (You may also want to include the "old ones," witches from the past working from the dawn of time, and departed spirits of loved ones.)
    - Closing the Sacred Circle
        - Close the circle and end the rite
            - Thank and dismiss the Goddess and God, Guardians, and any other spirits present during the Rite.
        - Ground the energy raised
            - Visualize the Circle sinking into the Earth, the energy healing the Mother.
            - Visualize the Cone of Power trickling off and see/feel the final trailing energy ebbing out through your feet and into the ground.
        - Enter any visions or insights into your Book of Shadows.
    - Go directly to bed. Dreams may be prophetic.



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