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Last update performed on 26 April 2007

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Merry met, friends, and welcome to my humble thread in the intricate online web. Let me entertain and inform you for whatever brief time our paths may touch. Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy your stay. 


A Little About this Place:

My brief travels in this life have not taken me nearly as far as my imagination might have, but they have introduced me to all the gifts I long to share with other travelers. This small thread in the web will attempt to showcase those areas of myself that others might appreciate or take lessons from. I have a passion for communication, in whatever form it decides to manifest. Communication leads to connections. My connections with other souls, the faint fingerprint I might leave on another familiar spirits experience, as well as those they've left on my experience, are very important to me. That this will become a tribute and homage to those few brilliant people, places, and memories that have illuminated my path thus far is my hope.

Why "Lost In Time?":

I believe everyone seeks their place in the world, hunts for their happiness. Not everyone finds it right away, and some never do. I have an affinity with history and travel. I also indulge in literature and music; they take me to other places, worlds not in this reality. I feel, often, that I have seen these worlds before, or, as with history, that have lived in those times. These far away things are, during my time with them, my happiness and setting my mind upon them brings me a sort of bittersweet sorrow. I feel my history, my roots and ancestry coursing through me like a river, undeniable. Sometimes it overwhelms me and I find this feeling within me, burrowing like a tic; it is the feeling that I do not belong in this time. Being a romantic, this is a beautiful and poetic thought, a melancholy theme for my life. I know there are others feeling this and whether they have resolved it or not, I think they will connect with this little strand of me. Connections are what I feel the Internet is all about, sharing thoughts, ideas, feelings, and lives. A web needs many strands to make it strong, each touching and leaning on and supporting the others. Maybe this is what the world needs, for Earth, too, is Lost In Time.

"Lost in Time" is derived from a song recorded by Tori Amos called "The Etienne Trilogy." You can read the lyrics to this song here.

A Brief Bit About the Proprietor:

So who is Borea, you might be wondering? As an artist, Borea is my pseudonym on the web. This place, lost in time and space, serves as place where I can communicate and share ideas and interests with those of you who drop in and are curious enough to stay a while. I feel in many ways I've been blessed with a gift, something meant to be shared with others. In doing so, this space may also become safe ground, a familiar, if not always comfortable, spot where one can harbor until the storm passes. I have decided to attempt to be a touchstone in others lives, connect and communicate with those of similar interests and ideas, and possibly send out a smile to replace a frown or dry a tear or two. It is the least I can attempt to do and the most I could hope to accomplish.

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