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Dedicated to those who have inspired me over the years, this page intends to showcase the magnificent art of those artists most familiar to me, my friends.  This will cover the works of some of the wonderful people who have shared their stories with me in the form of verse. It spans quite a good chunk of time, but it could not possibly cover everyone.  I will choose my favorites or what I feel are the best quality poems from each to share with you here.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.  All poems on this page are property of the artist and may not be reproduced without their express written permission.  Thank you.


Zach- A very good friend of mine throughout High School and beyond, he moved to NY and we fell out of contact, unfortunately.  He is a very talented individual in many ways and absolutely mad about Barbra Streisand.  I have never seen such skill with words come from someone so young.  I continue to have a deep connection with him, somehow, after all these years.  He still manages to tug at my soul.  He has a powerful artistic resonance that transcends into everything he puts his hand in.  I wish him the best of luck in all his endeavors.  I miss you!



Oak and Ivy Drive

Magnet Cranks




Tracy- Last I heard she had gone so Seattle to "find herself."  I had the pleasure of performing with her in college, as she graciously put together a free form interpretive dance to accompany a song I performed that needed "something."  We had an acting course together and somehow pulled off scenes from Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" as our final, receiving an A.   We shared a passion for poetry and so she let me have a few copies of her work that I intended to make into songs.  That hasn't happened yet, but I still have them and the intention of doing something with them.  So here they are. 


Morning Glory


Wild Ones





Nick- By far one of most influential peers and one of my very best friends too.  Another talented writer with one of the hugest hearts I have ever known, and a way with words that would make you crawl to him.  It is amazing to me how many males I have come into contact with who are sensitive and generous and patient, most especially Nick.  He always seems to know when I need him.  He is the closest to a Saint I think I will ever come.  Brightest Blessings and love to him and his new family.  Kiss the girls for me, love.


I Don't Believe in Angels


For the Darkling Lass

Kinda Tomorrow

Aphrodite's Gremlin

Sphere of Strife

Kick the Cat


Shea- She became more to me than I ever thought possible.  I tried to be her friend, but I had this need to mother her at the same time.  I couldn't believe how easy that role was to take with her, fierce with love and worry.  It pushed her away in the end, my obsession.  And yet I don't miss her.  I see her every now and again and my hackles rise, as I can't help but wonder what she is doing to get herself into trouble this time.  May the Light Dawn grant her Peace.  May her mother always set, Venus in the West.


My Mother, My Angel

Falling Farther Back

True Love

The Butchering of a Lover

The Storm


Brett- It is interesting how things change over time, especially relationships.   Brett and I were friends in High School, that is, we hung out with the same group of friends and went to parties together and the like.  Maybe we were never really friends, until after we graduated that is.  We started writing to each other while in college; he had moved to FL and was finding it difficult to aclimate to being so far away.  I was a familiar face and a voice from home.  However things went awry, I only vaguely recall.  It was a gift without a meaning.  I never got the opportunity to see all of his talents, as writing is just one of them.  I hope he has found happiness with his new wife; maybe I will see him at the ten year reunion.


I Know the Place


The Graduation Poem


Jenn- Another friend from High School who inspired me in many ways.  This talented actress, vocalist, cellist, and writer has so much to share and the gracious heart to give it.  She recently got married, and beat me to the idea of a Medieval wedding.  I heard hers was lovely, I am sorry I missed it.  Brightest Blessings with your new life and all you attempt in it!  Kisses, dahling!





The Path to the Depths of Your Soul

Apple Behind the Filing Cabinet


Jack- One of my "elders" this time, though he is young at heart.  I had the pleasure of dancing with him at our Creative Writing teacher's retirement party (while singing kareoke to him.  He blushed furiously).  He is one of my favorite writers of all genres, and I must say I had a tiny crush on him, probably for his talents.  If he doesn't get published I will make it my goal to do it myself.  To everything he puts his hand into, I pray it is fruitful and a bounty of happiness and success.  My prayers to you, babe.


Torn Sails

Baseball Cap


Lover Poetry


Joe- Well, whatever I say here will not be enough, not even close.  That said, watch me ramble on...Joe and I met online in a poetry chat room.  We began our relationship in words and that has been its forte the entire time.  I do not think I have seen one more masterful with emotion, taking it and sculpting it into a word, an exact phrase.  I do not think I ever will again.  He is a brilliant writer, a gracious and loving soul, and my Anam Cara, my soul friend.  May you find true happiness in this life, love.  Know that whoever harms you will have to deal with my wrath, it is the least that I owe you.  Mote it be.   Brightest blessings.  Miss you *hugs*.


Plastic Roses

Hanging Up the Dream

The Little Room by the Tree

Night Sky in June


Joe's Delicate Shades of Black Webpage



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