Photograph The Problem With Glamor 2 by Dave McKean



Last Update Performed 06 January 2003



The written word has always fascinated me.  From an early age I remember loving reading and being read to.  When I discovered poetry in my adolescence, both writing it and reading it became a pleasure.  It is a timeless way of communication; the phrases of a good poet can transcend the ages and reach the eyes of a generation and inspire, enrapture, and weave a mystical web around the soul.  This is a means for sharing some of my favorite poetry, as well as some or my own words, with you.  So read on and enjoy.


Some of My Favorite Poetry- Read the works of famous and published poets who have touched me and inspired me to continue writing, even when I was really down on myself.  But not everything is so uplifting.   Everyone has their dark days, too.  You may get introduced to someone new, or find some of your own favorites here as well.


My Friend's Poetry- See the works of my friends, the ones who continually inspire me to create in every avenue of my life.  There is some good stuff here, but what I have selected is not all there is by any means.  I will always be adding to this page as new poems come in.  So if you find one author particularly interesting, check back. 


My Own Work- View the lyrics to my songs.   All the poetry is archived by year, and then the best selections from that year are viewable.  Again, to post everything I have ever written would be mad, what I have placed here is a mass in itself.  There is also a section dedicated to some of my early works, if you are curious to see how I have developed over the course of my writing career.  I'm not saying it is really good, so be advised. You may also view some of my short stories here.




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